About Us

Our App

Wedviser is a unique matrimonial platform that involves the friends and family, of the future bride and groom as "wedvisers" in the match finding process. Wedviser is simple, secure, reliable and helps people find their "partner for life" through social connects. We do a lot of complex stuff in the background to find the right matches, but we don't like to show-off too much about it. Finding a partner for life should be easy and fun for everyone involved, that's what we are all about.

Wedviser is a play on the phrase Wedding adviser!

Our Mission

Wedviser started as an idea to take matchfinding back to its traditional roots and help people find matches through their social connects. Our goal is to build a platform that lets you easily communicate with close family and friends, share match suggestions with each other and get immediate feedback. Every feature for wedviser was created with the desire to facilitate an easy and reliable channel for communication between singles from anywhere in the world.

Our Team

Wedviser's founders have over 60 years combined experience in the online matrimonial space. We operate with a focus on creating new ways and improving existing ways to finding your "partner for life". We love what we do!