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Why can't I send more chat messages to a profile I just connected with?

Messaging is restricted to protect user privacy. To send more messages your request must first be accepted. After it is accepted, you will be able to exchanges messages freely.
Always remember to maintain decorum and avoid the use of inappropriate language in your conversation.

I don't want to chat with someone anymore. How do I stop them from messaging me.

You have two options:

  • The suggested option is to use the "end conversation" from the chat window menu.
  • Alternatively you can choose to block the person from the same menu.

I want to share a profile from my favorites list with my candidate / wedvisers / wedviser groups.

While chatting with your candidate/wedvisers/groups, you can share a profile directly from the chat window. Tap the attachment icon next to the text bar. Select “share profile”. Select a profile from your favourites list and it will be shared. Remember you have to have at least one profile added to your favourites list to do this.

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